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KVGM “Pixel Vibrations” (6/2/19)

KVGM “Pixel Vibrations” (6/2/19)

Welcome to Pixel Vibrations on KVGM, where the ambiance of nature and the melancholy of the whale’s song converge in the polygon dreams of the digital New Age. Join your guest host, Oke, as he takes you on a journey through the stars to distant horizons and altered 16-bit realities. Close your eyes, breath in, feel the cosmos whisper in your ear and allow the Pixel Vibrations to take over your senses.

Summer Forest – Stewart Copeland
(Spyro 2, Sony PlayStation)

Ice Dungeon – Yutaka Minobe
(Skies of Arcadia, Sega Dreamcast)

Water – Philip Ulrich and St├ęphane Picq
(Dune: Spice Opera, Amiga)

Rising Dragon – Miki Higashino
(Tokimeki Memorial, PC-Engine)

The Oracle – Chris Braymen
(EcoQuest: The Search For Cetus, PC)

Rainbow Bridge ~ Manase – Hideki Higuchi
(Kaen Seibo: The Virgin of Megiddo, Sega Dreamcast)

BGM 07 – Hikoshi Hashimoto
(Ultrabox 4 Go, PC-Engine)

Water Scene – Love De Lic
(Moon Remix RPG Adventure, Sony PlayStation)

Ambient – Versatile
(Sub Culture, Windows)

A Morning Jungle – Tatsuhiko Asanno
(Doshin the Giant, Nintendo GameCube)

Sigh & Tear – Meiko Ishikawa
(Sorcerian, Sega Mega Drive)