KVGM “The Last Wave” (6/21/20)

KVGM “The Last Wave” (6/21/20)

Do you hear that sound? Can you feel it? The cool ocean breeze in your hair, the salt on your tongue. It’s the smooth crash of the Last Wave on KVGM with your host, Hammock, bringing you thirty minutes of the best video game jams(z) from all your favorite composers and consoles, each and every week from our beachside studio on sunny Aqua City Island. Sit back, relax, and get ready to catch…the Last Wave.

This week, we’ve got vampire romance, Yuzo Koshiro clubbin’ it up, fast food delivery, and hanafuda, plus butt battles on the beach and Peter Park starring in Saved by the Bell. If none of that makes sense to you, listen to the show…because it’s chock full of sweet and sour jams. I’ve also got some ideas brewing for some possible mini-episodes somewhere down the line…I don’t, maybe a Patreon exclusive type situation but then again, you shouldn’t have to pay for smooth video game music. HAPPY DAD DAY!



Catch the Step – Yuzo Koshiro
(Misty Blue, PC-98)

Morning Tea – Kaori Tsutsui
(Akai Yoru, Hoshi no Sasayaki wo Kike PL†US, PC)

Gold Hoops – Hiroshi Tanabe
(Magician’s Quest: Mysterious Times, Nintendo DS)

Confirmation – Kazumi Totaka
(Wii Food Service Channel, Nintendo Wii)

Violet-Eyed Beauty – Gen Taneichi
(Dead or Alive Paradise, Sony PlayStation Portable)

Passenger – Tenpei Sato and Tatsuya Sato
(Hisshou 777 Fighter III: Kokuryuuou no Fukkatsu, Super Famicom)

Gameplay – Unknown
(Shin Honkaku Hanafuda, Sega Dreamcast)

Spider-Man Ending – Takayuki Iwai
(Marvel Super Heroes, Arcade)

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