KVGM “The Last Wave” (11/8/20)

KVGM “The Last Wave” (11/8/20)

Do you hear that sound? Can you feel it? The cool ocean breeze in your hair, the salt on your tongue. It’s the smooth crash of the Last Wave on KVGM with your host, Hammock, bringing you thirty minutes of the best video game jams(z) from all your favorite composers and consoles, each and every week from our beachside studio on sunny Aqua City Island. Sit back, relax, and get ready to catch…the Last Wave.

Next week, we celebrate our TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY…but it’s business as usual this week on the Last Wave. Basketball, nightclubs, dungeon crawling, cigar AND coffee. New composers, old favorites, and the request line keeps ringing off the hook so keep those favorite jams pouring in and we’ll keep pumping them out.




On Blue Brilliant Place – Naoki Kaneda
(Legend of Xanadu II, PC-Engine CD)

Title – Kazuo Sawa
(Dun Quest: Majin Fuuin no Densetsu, Super Famicom)

Stage tainer – Sound Studio B
(BackStage, PC)

Heroine – MARI
(Arabians Lost ~The Engagement on the Desert~, Nintendo DS)

Jack Rose – Masato Nakayama
(Grisaia no Meikyuu: Le Labyrinthe de la Grisaia, Sony PlayStation Vita)

Chapter 2 – Jochen Heizmann
(Gunbee F-99: The Kidnapping of Lady Akiko, Amiga)

Night Club – Pure Sound
(Bounty Hunter Sara: Holy Mountain no Teiou, Sega Dreamcast)

Staff Roll – Yoko Wada
(Slam Dunk: Shouri he no Starting 5, Sega Game Gear)

Special Request

Twilight of the Godess (Staff Roll) – Yoshito Kida
(Gale Racer, Sega Saturn)

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