KVGM “The Last Wave” (1/17/21)

KVGM “The Last Wave” (1/17/21)

Do you hear that sound? Can you feel it? The cool ocean breeze in your hair, the salt on your tongue. It’s the smooth crash of the Last Wave on KVGM with your host, Hammock, bringing you thirty minutes of the best video game jams(z) from all your favorite composers and consoles, each and every week from our beachside studio in sunny Aqua City Island. Sit back, relax, and get ready to catch…the Last Wave.

A pretty standard show this week (and by standard, I mean extra smooth as usual). AOL murder mysteries, 102 ways to murder God, the Legend of Zelda in four colors, and BASEBALL! Come celebrate with us, and be sure to check out Rhythm & Pixels this week as I join Rob and Pernell to talk about video game music that sounds like buddy cop movies. You know what I’m talking about. Some real fine cheese for sure.


Entanglement – Norihiro Tsuru
(Web Mystery: Yochimy wo Miru Neko, Sega Dreamcast)

Dandy Lady –¬†Yasuhisa Watanabe
(Super Chase H.Q., Super Nintendo)

Course 6 ~ The Cruciform Floating Island – Masami Yone
(The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures – Navi Trackers, Nintendo GameCube)

Everyday – Pianos DauGe
(Kamisama wo Korosu 102 no Houshiki, PC)

Dangerous Two – Seiichi Hamada
(Tantei Jinguuji Saburo: Fukushuu no Rondo, Nintendo 3DS)

Utility – Mieko Ishikawa
(The Legend of Heroes I & II: Eiyuu Densetsu, Sega Saturn)

Congratulations! – Shogo Sakai
(Home Run Nighter ’90: The Pennant League!!, Famicom)

Credits – T’s Music
(High School of Blitz, Sony PlayStation)

Special Request

Unknown (Sound Test 1) – Isao Nakasugi
(Junction, Sega Genesis)

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