KVGM "The Last Wave" (5/18/19)

Do you hear that sound? Can you feel it? The cool ocean breeze in your hair, the salt on your tongue. It's the smooth crash of the Last Wave on KVGM with your host, Hammock, bringing you thirty minutes of the best video game jams(z) from all your favorite composers and consoles, each and every week from our beachside studio in sunny Aqua City Island. Sit back, relax, and get ready to catch...the Last Wave.

But it's Saturday? That's right, this is a special 'early edition' of the Last Wave as Hammock embarks on a little Hammock time. I'm currently inside an airport in New York City, which is nowhere near Aqua City, and I'm going even further from breezy Pacific Ocean. I'll be back in two weeks for more jamzzzzzzz but in the meantime, we've got something special lined up for you, the listener, as part of KVGM's new summer internship program. For now, enjoy the jams and I'll catch you back on the beach in two weeks!


Morning Glow - Katsuhiro Hayashi
(Zero4 Champ II, PC-Engine CD)

As Wet as a Fish - Takushi Hiyamuta
(Super R-Type, Super Nintendo)

Unnamed 1 -Yu Suzuki
(Ferrari 355 Challenge, Sega Dreamcast)

BGM - Solid Tune
(My World My Way, Nintendo DS)

Re:Vanishment - Yuzo Koshiro
(7th Dragon III Code: VFD, Nintendo 3DS)

Return of the Magic Girl - Masanobu Tsukamoto and BA. M
(Madou Monogatari II, Sega Game Gear)

Sunset Seaside - Tsukada Tawada
(Kick Off, Arcade)

Staff Roll - Akihi Motoyama and Manami Wada
(Tokyo Beatdown, Nintendo DS)

Special Request

BGM 4 - Tokuhiko Uwabo
(Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf, Sega Genesis)


  1. Hey man hoping your enjoying your vacation through the Mediterranean or wherever in Europe your going.

    Just letting you know I'm going to be representing KVGM in the upcoming Facebook VGM Podcast Fans tournament. Wish me luck!

    On a side note I'm pretty sure Yu Suzuki didn't do any composing. I love his games, but I doubt he dabbles in the music. Although he was in complete control of all things Shenmue including the voice acting. The reason why the main character, Ryo Hazuki, sounds so laughably bad in the English sub is because Yu Suzuki chose the actor based solely on how he looked in person. Hey I still love Shenmue anyway.

    Happy Trails.

    1. How did you do in the tournament?

    2. It's going to be a llllloooong tournament. Right now we're still in the first event NES Soccer which I'm probably going to win.


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